Our operations

Message from the CEO

Chief Executive Officer

UMC Engineering corporation is a leading offshore support vessel (OSV) company and an essential part of the energy supply chain. Headquartered in Dubai, we have a 30-year track record of providing services to offshore oil and gas producers and contractors. UMC now has ten operational centres and is primarily focused on the Caspian, Middle East and West Africa, with global Subsea operations.

Operational Excellence

The offshore support vessel industry has experienced extraordinary pressure and continues to be impacted by market conditions. Despite these challenges, UMC believes the industry demonstrates fundamentally attractive long-term dynamics supported by the inevitable rebalancing of supply and demand for extracted energy. We have taken advantage of the current market conditions to streamline our operations, demonstrating the resilience yet flexibility of our strategy to remain competitive.

Global operations and long-standing partnerships

With strong positions in our home markets of the Middle East and the Caspian Sea, UMC has capitalized on the strategic importance of these geographies to the global hydrocarbon market.

As a result of the strength of our operational and safety track-record, UMC continues to forge strong and long-standing relationships with with many of the world’s leading oil and gas producers such as BP, Chevron, ExxonMobil, Total, ENI, Saudi Aramco and North Oil Company.

Our strong client relationships and our longer-term contracting model have allowed us to build and maintain an industry-leading backlog providing us with a high degree of revenue assurance over the medium and long-term, which has been important in the current market.

Committed to our stakeholders

One of our core competitive strengths is the quality and on-going investment in our fleet of ~120 vessels. This ensures we have one of the most technologically advanced and versatile fleets with an average vessel age of approximately 9 years, well below the global average.

Our responsibility towards the environment, our employees and our communities is fundamental to UMC’s activities. Our unwavering commitment to safety is one of the key factors distinguishing UMC from our competitors and our investment in this area has been acknowledged through several HSE-related awards granted by, both, clients and industry trade bodies.


The quality of our people supports the execution of our strategy and promotes a culture of excellence throughout the organization. UMC continues to enhance crew welfare and offer ongoing professional development opportunities, which helps us to attract and retain the best people.