Who we are

The U M C Way

We believe that the best way to ensure long-term value creation for all our stakeholders is to follow and build on the framework of corporate governance, through a values-based performance culture - as set out in 'The Topaz Way'.

See it—you own it

  • We are watchful and aware, on the lookout, for things that could be improved
  • We share or take responsibility for the outcome if it can be corrected or improved

If you have the capability—you have the duty!

  • We are willing to make a difference beyond our call of duty
  • We take responsibility for contributing in an area where we can make a difference
  • We ask for help proactively, and offer it gladly

Status quo—is regress

  • What worked yesterday may not work tomorrow because of our dynamic industry, and technological and legislative changes
  • We need to be at least one step ahead of every external and internal stakeholder, always ambitious

Accept no loss or accident which could have been avoided by applying constant care

  • We will not suffer any incident that is a result of carelessness
  • We take the company business personally 
  • We do not make the same mistake twice

We win together

  • We celebrate success together
  • We create relationships for their own sake
  • We trust team capabilities
  • We put corporate and group objectives first